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Packages and Prices 

​Each Teepees Village package comes as a set of 5 teepees.

​​​​This includes: 

  • ​5 x Handmade themed teepees

  • 5 x Quality foam mattresses

  • 5 x Fitted sheets

  • 5 x Mattress protectors

  • 5 x Sleeping pillows

  • 5 x Duvets covers

  • 5 x Decorative cushions

  • Fairy lights (battery operated)

  • 5 x Tray tables

  • 5 x Fluffy rugs

  • 5 x Lanterns (battery operated)

  • Hand selected decoration.

Do you want to invite more guests?

That's fine.

Do you want to host fewer guests?​
Minimum sleepover hire is 3 teepees.

Includes: delivery, set-up, personal styling and pack-up 
I will set up on your behalf to ensure they are safe and secure. ​An average set-up takes 1 hour, depending on ease of access and room space. Please note that all floor space needs to be cleared ahead. The delivery for all customers living in the city is covered. If you are living outside of this area, additional fee will be added.

​How much space do you need?

The mattress size is 160cm long and 70cm wide and the wooden frame fits right around the width. 

Together, we will determine the best way to set up the Teepees Village set-up.

An extra 60cm would be ideal at the end of the mattress to place a small fluffy carpet and a tray. If there is not quite enough space for the tray, it can easily be stored behind the tent when it’s not used.

Two different examples of how five tents can be set up and a rough idea of the needed space. ​


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