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What ages do you cater for?

Teepees cater parties for children age between 4 – 15 years. Pop pup picnics for the older ones. 


Do you have a minimum number of Teepees that can be hired?

Standard package is for 5 Teepees. Additional Teepees can be added. Minimum sleepover hire is 3 teepees. 


How long is the hire period of the Teepee package?

Generally the delivery of the Teepees will take place before 3 PM on the day of the party and

pick-up will be scheduled the day after. The exact timing will be arranged with you individually.


Will you set up the Teepees Village?

I will and ensure they are set-up safely. ​It will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on ease of access and room space. Please note that all floor space needs to be cleared ahead of the set-up. ​


​How much space do I need?

The mattress size is 160cm long and 70cm wide and the wooden frame fits right around the length. 

The best way to set up the Teepees Village will be determine together, once I know the available space. 

An extra 60cm would be ideal at the end of the mattress, to place a small fluffy carpet and a tray. If there is not quite enough space for the tray, it can easily be stored behind the tent when it’s not used.

Here are two different examples of how five tents can be set-up and a rough idea of the needed space. 









What bedding is included in my package?

Each Teepee comes with a comfortable foam mattress, a fitted sheet, a cozy duvet, pillow and decorative cushions.

A small carpet with a tray will provided and finished with fairy lights and lanterns. The lights are battery operated, completely safe and heat proof for children to operate. Spare batteries will be provided. 

Do I need to wash the linen before it is collected?

No, I will wash all the bedding using laundry detergent that leaves all bedding fresh and clean for every party. Mattresses, pillows and decorative items will be also spot cleaned when necessary.


Are the fabrics and wood used for the Teepees children friendly?

Yes there are and the wood used for the Teepees frames is sustainable harvested in Switzerland and not treated.


Can the Teepee Village be set-up outdoor?

In the warmer seasons on a suitable surface, I am happy to set them up, however they are not weatherproof.

An additional mats are needed to place under the mattresses (10 CHF per mat)


Booking, Payments and Conditions 

How do we book a Sweet Nights Teepee party?

You can send an online inquiry or simply an email. 

Due to the high volume of party bookings over Friday and Saturday nights, I recommend at least few months advance booking time. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that your chosen theme is available on your planned date, but  will make my best to find a perfect solution for your party. 

How is my booking confirmed?

Your booking request is followed up by a confirmation email. Once your deposit is being payed, your booking is fully scheduled.


Is the delivery and pick-up included in the booking?

The delivery, set up, styling, pack down and collection fee is included in the package price. 

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